About Us

Redwalling has been operating in the industry doing custom red wall , white wall and all custom colours for over 19 years . In that time we have formulated our own paint which is resistant to tyre chemicals and is non fading and sticks to the tyre like glue. We have the largest range of colours and all custom colours can be mixed upon order. We ship Australia wide. All colours come in 250ml,  500ml or 1 litre tins. No primers required to simplify the process , grind and apply paint straight on with excellent coverage. Used by 95% of tyre wallers in Australia.

Located in Sydney NSW, Redwalling has been providing customers with affordable whitewall tyres since 1997. The coating we use is very flexible, very durable and if cared for correctly will last the lifetime of the tyre.

The whitewalls are applied using purpose built machinery to create a perfect ring on the tyre wall. Any tyres can be striped although we do advise that all tyres are degreased and pressure washed before before application.

In 2009 we change direction of the business due to the success of our paints and now supply the industry Australia wide with our paints, machines and and all tyre walling accessories. Please visit our store located on the home page for all items and business packages.

For more information please feel free to contact us.